Are you a Texas educator? Then I encourage you to join a new group that has formed–for the long-term–to share information and advocate for political action on behalf of Texas Education, requiring the Texas Governor and Legislators to meet the needs of Texas children.

All group members–such as ATPE, AFT, TSTA, TASA, TCEA and others–are encouraged to join and to display the OneVoice4TexasEducation subscribe notice on their web sites.

Email from One Voice for Texas Education Organizers:

As we move deeper into this legislative session, many of you may become more convinced that you need to be more active in all avenues of the legislative and election processes. You need a place to turn to for information needed to make wise decisions in those areas.  

Thank you for your interest in joining OneVoice for Texas Education, a group comprised of Texas educators and parents of children in Texas public schools that is not for profit and is all-inclusive of pro-Texas Education organizations.

Please use your PRIVATE, NON-District/work email for membership in this group.

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