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Although I just launched advertising on Around the Corner–which has made zero dollars, BTW–I still feel Wes Fryer’s pain (Why I Upgraded My Edublogs Account) when he shares the following about the Edublogs platform:

Maybe this is something that EduBlogs has been doing for awhile on their free accounts, I’m not sure. I was prepared to put up with banner ads on a free account, but I absolutely couldn’t stand to have words hyperlinked on my students’ posts by the advertising scheme EduBlogs is running. Teaching my students to intentionally and judiciously hyperlink is one of the important skills I hope to help them develop this term. Having auto-inserted advertising links on their words struck me tonight as an affront. I know some of the readers of my blog are EduBlog fans, and I’m very appreciative of all the advocacy work EduBlogs does for the cause of educational blogging. I’m glad they’re finding a way to monetize their business model. I really object to this kind of in-line, in-post hyperlinked advertising, however… and on the basis of my aversion to that kind of advertising don’t plan to use a free EduBlogs site again for a class I teach.

I can’t blame Edublogs for choosing this model since they are up front about it, but I do have advice for educators who may want to use blogs in their environment without advertising issues. For a class or workshop, I highly recommend b2Evolution blog platform. One blog installation allows you to host an almost unlimited amount of blogs–certainly enough for the size of classes Wes facilitates–and assign different rights to each. Furthermore, all blog content feeds through both individual blogs–with their own URL–and a central blog. And, you can get RSS feeds for each. Check out their demo

Building a blog panoply over time shouldn’t be hard…use b2Evolution instead of being nickle-n-dimed to death by business folks. After all, it’s their job to make money, your’s to find how to save it.
Of course, this does require your own server, or a hosted server solution. If you have to pay money, better to pay for that. And, I know Wes has his own blog hosted somewhere.

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