Thanks to Nicky Hockly (e-Moderation Station) for compiling this list of 10 tips for eReaders, in particular, the Kindle. Of course, the tips are usable no matter eReader you’re using–Kindle, Nook, or that new-fangled iPad.

Update: Check out Assorted Stuff’s tip on Kindle ebooks.

Nicky shares how important her personal learning network (PLN) was in “catching up.” I can’t tell you the times I’ve felt BEHIND after skimming the Twitter stream for a bit of refreshment, seeking out new ideas. That said, once I fight past that feeling, I’m thrilled about what folks are sharing and what I can learn from them. Nicky writes the following:

Not finding exactly what I needed, I turned to my PLN on Twitter and Facebook, and solicited advice. It turned out that quite a few of my network already had Kindles. I was one of the last to be joining the party, it seemed. If you, like me, are arriving late to e-readers, read on.
Here are the top 10 tips I have gleaned via my social networks*.

My favorite 3 tips from Nicky’s list include the following with a little extra I’ve noticed:

  1. Buy a cover with a little extra: Check out this tutorial on how to make your own cover!
  2. Read work documents with a little extra: Get PDFs of special reports online, as well as books via
  3. Stock up on free e-books with a little extra: Get free ebooks in ePub format, and convert them to MobiBooks format (kindle friendly) using Calibre.

There are tons of documents available that you can read on your eReader, whether you want to find stuff others have made or create your own.

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