Earlier this week, I shared how I hoped to play with the Bubbl.us on the m90z ThinkCentre Touchscreen, a 23 inch Windows 7 Professional computer that we’ll be doing a giveaway for here at Around the Corner sometime in the near future (so stay tuned!).

While playing with the video in 3gp format–which is typically what you get when you record a video with a mobile phone (my Motorola Cliq)–I realized I’d probably need to convert it to something web-friendly…like MP4. Although there are various tools for accomplish video conversion, I thought I’d use my old standby, VLC Media Player.
Of course, VLC Media Player worked great! You can watch the video of the conversion above. And, if you’re interested in checking out the Bubbl.us walkthrough using the m90z ThinkCentre, be sure to check here!

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