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* Social Media and the Preservation of Liberty (February 13, 2011 12:13 pm) by            Chris Atkinson

* For the first time in their history Egyptians are pursuing their own liberty and we all watched as they took a great leap toward true freedom when their president for the past several decades, Mubarak, stepped down. What was amazing for the rest of the world to watch was how this monumental feat occurred, in no small, part through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
* Create a solid foundation of literacy for all students.
* Teach students history from multiple perspectives using digital media to enhance the learning experience.
* Allow students opportunities to think critically and debate across multiple platforms in multiple formats.
* Highlight examples, as well as model for students, how social media tools can be used for good and promoting change.
* Create school environments that are mobile-technology ‘friendly’ and allow students the use of social media
* Teach students to be master communicators
* Help students to develop opinions and teach them ways they can use multiple media platforms to support, communicate, and give voice to formed opinions.
* Compare and contrast revolutions of present and past in order to be knowledgeable of historical struggles from all places and time periods
* With secondary students begin to develop lessons that explore the influence social media is having on history