In two days, I’ll be sharing a lot of what I’ve learned over the years while tinkering with MySQL databases. I wish it could be more, but my focus has been more practical on what I needed to know to get Moodle, WordPress and other Web 2.0 tools up and going.

Here’s the outline for my upcoming Tinkering with MySQL presentation where I hope to share some of what I’ve learned:

TCEA2011-Tinkering with MySQL Moodle Databases

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Overview of MySQL and Queries Possible

  1. Introduction to MySQL
  2. Creating MySQL Databases
    • General Settings for a new database:
      • UTF8
      • General_ci
    • How To Create Your Database with…
  3. Backing Up Your Moodle database using Free, Open Source Tools
  4. Restoring Your Moodle database
  5. Resetting Your Moodle Admin Password via the MySQL Database Interface
    • Ever find yourself unable to login with your admin password to Moodle? This may mean you need to repair a corrupt Moodle database (see below). It could also mean you forgot your password. To change the admin password, go to a Moodle database for which you know the admin password. Copy the password (usually encrypted). Then, go to the mdl_user table, and find the admin user and replace the contents of the password field with your previously copied password.
  6. Other questions?
Miscellaneous Tips

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