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“Safety,” I often tell my kids as I caution them to be careful when in public, “is an illusion…especially when you are in a place you think must be safe.” I realize, of course, that I should be including privacy in that as well!
TechBlorge reports the following:

If the Department of Justice gets its way, that ISP will make a note of that fact and keep it on file until 2013…the DoJ said it was time for a mandatory requirement for ISPs to hold on to data, suggesting a minimum period of two years.

Although privacy is an illusion, I’m troubled by any government having so much data on file for two years. ISP costs may be getting cheaper where you are at, but where I’m at, the cost increases. TechBlorge goes on to point out that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

“A legal obligation to log users’ Internet use, paired with weak federal privacy laws that allow the government to easily obtain those records, would dangerously expand the government’s ability to surveil its citizens, damage privacy, and chill freedom of expression.”

It’s the last that bothers me…once a government has this power, wouldn’t you feel the chill on your freedom of expression?

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