Although I’ve already articulated what I think are some good tips for online teacher professional development…I found Andrew’s list worth reading.

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Just the highlights:

  • Online Teacher Professional Development- What do we do?            
    by Andrew MillerJanuary 25, 2011
  • iNACOL recently put out a report around professional development and it too gives great indications of what online teachers need. Since we lack a plethora of content to distribute, we need to think about ways to create an effective professional development program for online teachers
  • Tips:
    1. Identify what good online teachers do
    2. Identify critical components of the school framework
    3. Analyze what teachers need
    4. Create modules or trainings based on each of these needs
    5. Show teachers what it “looks like.”
    6. Continue to monitor and set goals with teachers
  • create a culture of continuous feedback and improvement
  • Use a competency-based pathway model to create modules based on needs the teachers