Wondering what’s up with free, open source software, or at least, what are people who are passionate about it are doing at the upcoming TCEA 2011 State Conference? Be sure to check out this list started by Mark Cockrell (HoneyGrove ISD):

Hello all,

 I thought it might be handy to have a list of all the SIG members doing sessions/workshops at the convention next month, so we can support each other as much as possible.  I’ve created a Google spreadsheet that we can use to keep track.  It’s public and editable, so please jump in and add your session to it.  I know I’ll try to make it to as many SIG member’s sessions as I can, and I’d hope you would all do the same.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon.”



Or, the short address: http://goo.gl/cvA8O

Are you presenting at TCEA 2011 and want to share your enthusiasm for all things FOSS related? Add your own workshop to the list!

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