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Over the years, Dr. Scott McLeod and others (Justin Bathon) have had fun laughing it up in regards to holiday celebrations. Is that Christmas eCard really appropriate in a K-12 setting?

In the spirit of problem-based learning scenarios, let’s consider this twist:

Throughout the year, every birthday and holiday gathering has been marred by the presence of Jehovah’s Witness observers in the Office. Every birthday/holiday celebration, Meg and her fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses, have made an issue about not attending birthdays and holiday celebrations.

While Richard, a devout Christian, appreciates the problem, he is getting a bit angry at what he considers reverse discrimination. So when the Office Social Committee sets out to organize Winter Break, he decides to put the shoe on the other foot. “My fellow Christians,” he starts off, “and I are going to NOT participate in the Winter Break party. We will be happy to participate in a Christmas Party, but not a Winter Break one.”

Perplexed, the question becomes, “Who’s actually going to attend the Winter Break Party?” 

In the spirit of Scott’s original contest, the original instructions appear below:

The Rules:

  1. Only American public schools are eligible. [sorry, international readers]
  2. Identify a possible violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution in your local school system. The Establishment Clause requires that schools not favor a) one religion (e.g., Christianity) over another religion, or b) religion over no religion. Government-sponsored religious displays or activities are pretty much always unconstitutional.
  3. Leave your description of the possible violation in the comments section of this post. If you’re not sure if it’s a violation or not, leave it anyway and we’ll chime in as needed. Possible violations may include teacher- or school-sponsored activities, displays, or other actions.
  4. The most egregious violation [as judged by myself, Dr. Scott McLeod, Justin Bathon (at CASTLE’s brother blog, EdJurist), and Jon Becker (of Educational Insanity)] wins a yet-to-be-determined prize!
  5. Deadline for entries is December 23, 2010.

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