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“I’ve learned my lesson.” The words, uttered by a colleague, made me cringe inside. You know when those words are said in that flat monotone that the lesson learned is one forced down their throat, unpalatable ugliness underneath a facade. “Keep your head down low, be a YES person, that’s what they want around here.”

Why continue to bring up solutions that lack merit in the eyes of the boss? It doesn’t matter of the world thinks it’s a great idea, if the boss doesn’t like it, why bother? As I looked into the eyes of my colleague, her bitter expression marring a passionate professional’s profile, I remembered something I’d read in the bathroom–it takes only 14 muscles in your face to smile, 42 to frown.

Or, consider the image immediately above…what does this mean for our children? Don’t adapt your surroundings to you? Isn’t that the essence of mankind? To adapt his surroundings to match his vision? If it wasn’t–for those that want to argue that point by reminding us of global warming, animal extinction–we’d all still be living in harmony with nature (or Eden depending on your understanding).

Consider Danny Brown’s words….

In business, “leaders” have forgotten what it really means to lead. Instead, they bully employees into thinking their ideas are dumb, and while the employee is on the ground picking their shredded idea up, make sure they stop and get a coffee on the way back.

Educators are telling our brightest students that they won’t have a voice in the business world when they leave college, so be quiet, just listen to your superiors, and maybe – just maybe – they’ll get on in their chosen profession…Question everything. Settle for nothing. Even the most common sense answers can always be enhanced through questions and ideas. (Read more Danny Brown)

As I reflect on the points Danny makes, I recall this private Plurk conversation starter from earlier this week:

done caring about the technology in my district. If my administration doesn’t even care enough to show up to a meeting, why should I?

For a day or two, I leaned towards just saying, “Leave. Go somewhere new.” Then, I realized I was channeling Scott McLeod. Oops. I remember how irritated I was by that advice and imagined how others receiving it might feel.

Consider Danny’s advice, yes, Question Everything…ask yourself why you can’t move on and find another place to be? Why can’t you tell the Organization what’s wrong with itself and screw those trying to protect it to the detriment of those the Organization is meant to serve?


I’ve learned my lesson…question everything and tell the rest of ’em to jump in a lava pit!

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