What is the best way to get music from an iPod to a new computer? The old one crashed. (via Plurk)


Having access to an iPod if you’re an educator is wonderful. You can both take advantage of the tremendous space available on the iPod, as well as work with the “fun” side. Before we talk about the fun side, the iPod works well as a back up data source from work servers, computers, transfer files easily from one computer to another with tying up bandwidth.

To solve this problem, I went looking for a program that would allow me to copy songs from the iPod back to the iTunes on the Mac. This program seems to do the job. It is called iPodRip. Unfortunately, it’s not free 8-< but is inexpensive at $9 per license! Of course, you can always try it out before buying.
A free, Windows-compatible program that does the same thing is SharePod.

Access the web sites:

  • iRip (Macintosh) – You can rip 100 tracks before you have to buy it…$20
  • iPod Rip Tool (Windows) – This program is free (as far as I can tell from web site)
  • SharePod (Windows) – This program is free.

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