Are email lists dying or flourishing? A few years ago when I first began blogging, I was certain that blogs would overtake email lists and vanquish them. . .stake them through the heart, so to speak.

Instead, I now find that at least 4 out of 10 blog entries come from topics raised on multiple email lists for either Texas or Oklahoma technology directors. It’s the questions that kick off the blog entries. The words “More input” come to mind, and I wonder if that insatiable craving for brain matter signals a deeper issue.

With social media tools–such as Plurk and Twitter–I’m inclined to think again that emails lists aren’t dying, they are remnants of a great conversation that once took place…and the bloggers, plurkers, twitterers are that net global zombie network of the unsatiated.

Still…aren’t you glad you joined the revenant network?

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