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Starting today, Around the is accepting donations in increments of $2.00. Why? $2.00 isn’t THAT big of a donation to make, and your timely aid will help me address an unanticipated expense. While I don’t want to go into that, if you think you can spare $2 for every blog entry that addresses your needs, I hope you’ll take a moment to donate!

My target goal is $3000 ($2.00 per person x 1500 donors). Since there are over 2000 subscribers to Around the Corner, I have hope.

How about it? Help out? Check out the Hall of Gratitude online celebrating those who have graciously pitched in!

Even if not, I hope you’ll keep reading!

Disclosure: Please be aware that donations received will NEVER influence the content of this blog or my opinions (except for gratitude). I will disclose anyone who submits a donation on this page. Whether a person donates anything also will not affect access to my blog. 

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