As much as I love my Nook from Barnes and Noble, news like this is irritating. The sad part, it is a neverending story of disappointment when I buy technology, the new version comes out shortly thereafter. In this case, it’s the Nook Color, as shown in the screenshot below from my email notification:

Of course, I’m not THAT disappointed. If I’d wanted full color screen, blah blah blah, I would have gotten an iPad. Sour grapes.

Seriously, though, I’m not all that sure I’d buy a Nook Color without multimedia resources. It makes kids’ books come alive? Well, not really. What I notice about my Nook is that it’s print-centric…if I wanted to go multimedia, the device would need to be more like an iPad. Will Nook Color be that much of an inducement for folks who want to see color pictures or see moving color pictures?

It all boils down to choice. My daughter and I would want a Nook because it’s print-centric, forget the pretty pictures. My wife and son would want an iPad because of the multimedia and the other stuff you could do with the device. I may be wrong, but….

Some other interesting commentaries about Nook Color I read after writing this:

By the way, make sure you update your Nook’s software to the latest version!

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