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Earlier today, one of my teammates took the opportunity to share what one large urban school district is doing in virtual learning with Ohio via Elluminate session!

Here’s the background information Molly (shown right) shared with me about the event:

I was contacted by Laurie Heikkila of WVIZ/PBS Ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio.  Laurie attended the Moodle Moot in Austin on August 3, 2010.  She appreciated our presentation, 8 Tips for Successful Online Facilitation, and she asked if we could remotely present it on October 26th during one of their Moodle professional development days.
We presented the material using Elluminate to carry visuals, video, audio, and text to a lecture room in their facility. We presented the information, showcased SAISD online classrooms, and was able to have a live Q & A session with a facilitator in the room presenting the audience’s questions and comments.
AUSTIN MOODLE MOOT Martin Dougimas Mr Moodle and Molly Valdez.JPG 
Martin Dougimas and Molly Valdez at the Austin Moodle Moot
The following is information from WVIZ’s website on 10/26/10:

About Molly Valdez

About Me
I am a native of Texas with global learning tendencies; give me the big picture, let me check in once and a while, and I’ll be fine.  I also tend to look for new areas of challenge.  Wait, that’s just a nice way to say ADD. (sigh) This might be why I have 5 teaching certifications, a BA, an MA, and endorsements coming out of my ears.  I like to write, paint, sew, dabble with end-side photography, video, music, computers, nature trails, volleyball, slow-n-steady running, and multi-volume sci-fi and fantasy.  Anyone out there waiting for the 13th volume  in the Honorverse by David Weber, too?  Am I alone on this?!

Back in reality, I am happy to be breathing as 12th year Ovarian cancer survivor. That bit of nastiness wrecked and tore into my body with total abandon, resulting in a flip from athlete to basket case, so now I just admire sports and physical activity from afar.   I am married, mom of 4 kids, and just about done with the sadness of the natural passing of a 22 year old cat.  Okay, no.  I miss her.

I have come to appreciate, in all sincerity, the access to learning that technology provides to students.  My husband and I have adopted our kiddos, and they all have learning disabilities from their genetics & initial care.  Technology has made it possible for these kids to experience some success in school ” ’cause Mommy knows how to make that show on the computer again”.  

Find out more online at Molly’s web page.

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