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On the way home from work yesterday, I listened to the NPR story of a 24 year old Chinese young woman and how her family and culture considered her “too old.” Although she wanted to marry for love, in the end, she would have to be realistic and marry because she didn’t want to get to 30 years of age and be left over…an unmarried woman who had achieved career goals but “failed at family.”

“I am single right now, and I am worried all the time. I have some foreign friends, they kept telling me that you are young, you are only 24, you should do whatever you want. And my parents, my family — my grandma, grandpa or my aunties, uncles — they are telling me, you are getting old. No girls will be wanted after 30, so you have to grab the guy that you have right now and get married,” Xie says…

“If by that time, I want to marry [a] guy, and I [don’t] love him that much — just because he checked all the [right] boxes, I think I will still marry him, but it’s going to be a very hard decision,” she says.

When asked if she is, in the end, a realist, she replies, with a heavy sigh: “Yeah, sadly, yes.”

That’s why, when I stumbled upon this picture while checking out Flickriver, a new way of viewing Flickr pictures, I had to post it here. Maybe the message will get through….

Aside: How’s this for a completely un-tech-related blog entry?

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