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Writing Project Professional Development Continues to Yield Gains in Student Writing Achievement – National Writing Project

Date: July 15, 2010
Student results are strong and favorable in those aspects of writing that the NWP is best known for, such as development of ideas, organization, and stance.In the overall or holistic measure, in every case the improvement of students taught by teachers who participated in NWP programs exceeded that of students whose teachers were not participants.

In overall quality of writing (i.e., the holistic score), results consistently favor the NWP students in every single study. Click to enlarge chart.On seven measures of writing performance tested across the 16 studies, students of NWP teachers outperformed their non-NWP counterparts in 103 of 112 contrasts.

In 55% of these positive contrasts, the differences were so large as to be statistically significant.

These findings—the overwhelmingly positive results favoring NWP and the fact that in no case did the comparison group significantly outperform the students in NWP classes—confirm the effectiveness of NWP professional development.

In each case, program students show growth while comparison students often show little or no growth in their writing performance and, on occasion, show a decline in writing performance.
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