Back in 2005, I had the opportunity to develop The Copyright WebQuest. It was a consulting project that earned me significant amount of money at the time and came at the time I was saving funds to buy a house. It also caught me as I was transitioning from one position to another, so I am VERY grateful to the Education Service Center who aimed me in the direction of that consulting project.

Admittedly, The Copyright WebQuest quickly became one of the most popular web sites on copyright back in pre-Web 2.0 days and you can still find descendants (a.k.a. derivative works) online. Eventually though, due to space issues at my hosting provider, I had to take the Copyright WebQuest down. Although I had a backup somewhere, I lost track of the original files and thought they had been lost forever.

Cleaning out old CDs, I was surprised to stumble upon The Copyright WebQuest and have reposted it. Yes, please do feel free to modify it as you see fit and use it (Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution). If time allows, I will probably go back and modify it to reflect much of the exciting new ideas that popped up since I first created it in 2005.

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