Wow, you can read ePub books right in Firefox!

Read ePub books in the Firefox Web Browser with the EPUBReader Add-on | epubBlog at

“Have you ever wanted to just click on an .epub file and immediately start reading with none of that downloading or “open with… ” nonsense, just quick and easy ePub reading right there in your web browser? Well, perhaps there is now an option for those who do.

EPUBReader is one of the more recent software ePub readers, released just two months ago by Michael Volz, and with the addition of some recent upgrades has grown into a very stable, nice looking ePub reader. The reader is actually an Add-on for the very popular Firefox web browser – for those still using Internet Exploer (IE) this is yet another good reason to change over to Firefox.
For more information visit the official website ( or to install now go to the EPUBReader Add-on page at Mozilla.

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