When in college during my Freshman year at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, I had the opportunity to meet folks who believed differently from me. I relished the opportunity to chat with folks from diverse cultures–once an Egyptian studying at MSU asked me, “Why do you wear the cross?” in a question that made me examine my core beliefs, and why I had them in the first place, in a very non-threatening way–and approaches.

Cherishing diversity, tolerance for different beliefs striving together in harmony to improve the world which we live in taught me much. I am disappointed that America’s pride in its tolerance, it’s melting pot–or salad, depending on the analogy of your preference–has come to this.

Today in a stunning 7-6 vote, the State Board of Education (SBOE) passed a deeply divisive and inflammatory resolution that deliberately plays on fear and bigotry in an attempt to pit Christians against Muslims. The resolution falsely claims that public school textbooks have an anti-Christian/pro-Islamic bias. In addition, this paranoid resolution claims that wealthy Muslims in the Middle East are investing in publishing companies so that they can take over the education and minds of American schoolchildren. So as you can see, the highest elected body overseeing public education in Texas has now endorsed – is promoting, in fact – anti-Muslim bigotry.

The Texas Freedom Network has shared the text above, as well as a few links below.

As a Christian, I have no interest in waging a jihad. The Catholic Church did that during the Crusades, leading to debauchery and murder. As a Catholic, while I acknowledge that Jesus the way, the truth and the life, I have no interest in imposing my beliefs–formed in an imperfect conscience–my worldview on the world.

As an American, a Texan, I am ashamed that intolerance is now to be enshrined in the minds of children so that it may be a yoke of ignorance upon adults in the future.

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