At least once a year, someone asks this question:

Do we have a program with which I can convert a doc into a pdf?

My answer is short:

  1. There are several PDF creators. You can download and install them; they include the following:

    – PDFCreator –
    – PrimoPDF –

    And, you can always use the web-based conversion tool,

  2. Another solution is to use OpenOffice and export to PDF with its built-in tool.

There are many PDF related tools and solutions.You may also want to read this blog post by friend, Wes Fryer on merging PDFs…since Wes doesn’t discuss PDF merging with GNU/Linux operating systems–although PDFSAM which he suggests is cross-platform–consider the following solutions for GNU/Linux based operating systems:

  • joinpdf
  • pdfmeld

Read about both of those here.

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