Recently, someone asked this question:

I need some help from this group! I am looking for a free animation program I can download for my 7th grade students. We are interested in creating short animations
with characters, backgrounds, text, and possibly voiceovers.

Here are some of the responses shared…what others would you add?

  1. XtraNormal –
  2. DoInk –
  3. MonkeyJam Stop-Motion Animation –
  4. Synfix –
  5. Pivot Stick Figure Animator –
  6. Animasher –
  12. You can do lots of cool animation just using Keynote or Power Point (view examples), actually.  You can prepare your drawings in some program like Sumo Paint, and save them as .png files so they maintain a clear background.  Then you can insert audio, etc. 

Update: Here are some others have contributed…

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