At the start of the year, a Math teacher specialist pulled me aside and asked me, “How come all these awesome videos are blocked?” As we tried to access the different videos, I finally pulled up the web site–The Khan Academy–and noticed that the majority of the content was located at YouTube!

Wes Fryer ( also mentions Khan Academy in this blog entry:

4 California schools are participating in a pilot study to replace their traditional paper-based textbooks with Apple iPads, a digital version of their Algebra textbook, and access to 400 online videos about Algebra. (article link)

I wonder if any university professors or other academic researchers are doing a comparative study of Algebra students equipped with less expensive netbooks and access to the FREE Khan Academy?

Wes’ question lends itself to research; I do know that some school districts find Khan Academy’s video content well worth accessing. This past weekend, I was pleased to read an announcement that the Khan Academy video content is now available online in OTHER PLACES aside from This immediately makes it more accessible for folks in schools where is blocked.

Here’s the relevant piece of information from K12 Open Ed:

Sal Kahn through his Khan Academy has built a tremendous collection of over 1800 open-licensed videos offering instruction in math and science. They cover topics in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics calculus, and more and are licensed under CC BY SA.

Now, however, the Khan videos are available elsewhere! Curriki has them available as both embeddable and downloadable files. They have also created a group to “organize, extended and build a community of practice around this content.”

Download content for Khan Academy:

Update 01/4/2011As LifeHacker reports, you can now get Khan Academy content as a mobile device app!

iOS/Android: Education on-the-go is now easier thanks to Khan Academy’s mobile application. KhanApp is a mobile webapp that offers a full-fledged application experience around your favorite Khan Academy videos.

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