Here’s an idea…let’s kick off the bus anyone in administration who thinks teachers should be kicked off the bus…that kind of Jim Collins thinking has to go. We need leadership that supports transformative growth, rather than slash and burn what you don’t want. It’s anti-education…what happens when you apply that theory to children in schools? Get rid of the ones you don’t want, keep the ones that learn the way you teach them.

Fascinating points in this blog entry excerpt below by Aleta Margolis….

The Answer Sheet – While we wait for ‘Superman,’ let’s focus on teaching:
By Aleta Margolis

I attended last night’s preview of ‘Waiting for Superman,’ Davis Guggenheim’s stirring film that tells the stories of five children with big dreams and limited educational opportunities. It’s a powerful film that accomplishes its goal: shining a light on the problems in education and making them impossible to ignore.

The film highlights what we know:
Teachers make the difference. Conventional thinking tells us the best way to improve teacher effectiveness is to remove the ineffective teachers and replace them with effective ones. a wholesale cast change won’t be the fix we imagine.

What should we expect of teachers? Here’s a start:

Push children to use their minds well, think critically and creatively, understand concepts in depth, and seek, find, and use information.

Change from information provider to instigator

Being a teacher would…involve asking thought-provoking questions to push students to grapple with complex ideas, collecting data about how each student learns, and customizing instruction to meet student needs and raise student achievement.

Teachers and schools could breathe life into students instead of sucking the life out of them.When we start asking teachers throughout their careers to be instigators of thought instead of information providers, it follows that more talented people will be attracted to the teaching profession and want to stay, and more current teachers will be motivated to excel—not out of fear or even out of a desire to earn a bonus, but out of a genuine desire to do something that makes them feel proud.

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