We’ve know for awhile that the economic trouble were going to hit home when the stimulus funding was spent. Am I worried that most Educational Technology staff will be out of a job in a year or two and will have to find other employment? Well, yes. But that’s worst case scenario.

Let’s review a few facts:

  • Texas Legislature is facing an $18-21 BILLION dollar hole. You want more details, check out SunshineReview.org web site under the 2012-2013 Budget Biennium
  • The State Technology Allotment is shrinking. We’ve all seen it go down over the years, and this year may be no different. Consider the following information shared with Technology Directors earlier this week:

    As you know, the state is expecting a budget shortage in the next biennium (BY12/13). It has been reported in the news that the budget shortfall is between $18 million and $21 million.  In may, TEA was asked to cut 5% out of this year’s budget (2010-2011). The Technology Allotment was not part of this 5% budget reduction. 
    During the summer, TEA was also asked to include a 10% budget reduction in the proposed budget request for the next biennium.  This Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) was released in August.  In this request they recommended a reduction in the Technology Allotment from $29.33 per student to $28.38. This allotment is a sum of money that is divided by the number of students in Texas.  TEA is projecting that the realistic projection could actually be $27.85 per student in BY12/13 because of additional student growth. 

    It is important to note, that this is a budget request.  The legislature will take TEA’s request and create the budget, but they may not follow TEA’s recommendations.  You also need to know that if the speculated shortfall is in the range of $18 to $21 million, TEA and districts may face deeper cuts than TEA was asked to propose.
    TCEA Legislative Program:  http://www.tcea.org/lead/Documents/legislativeprogram.pdf

    TEA Legislative Appropriation Requests:  http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/lar/

Some knowledgeable folks that I won’t quote here are predicting the following…do you agree with those predictions and what are YOU doing about it?
  1. Texas legislators will cut state education funding between 5% and 10%
  2. Budget cuts will not be approved until May, but school districts need to know sooner because of employee contracts.
  3. If cuts don’t take place until 2012-2013, that may mean cuts go deeper due to the delay.
  4. School districts will have to depend on their existing fund balances to make it until the economy improves.

So, at this stage in the game, would you fill vacant staff positions in EdTech or not?

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