After dumping State Farm and Farmer’s Insurance (actually, they dumped my wife and I during our first two years of marriage) due to fender-benders that were no-fault for us, I trod back to my father’s recommendation for car insurance–GEICO.

In the years since my wife and I switched to GEICO, I haven’t had any complaints. They have consistently worked to get me low prices, meet our needs, and more. When I logged into their web site earlier today to get a proof of coverage, I noticed that they now have an Android app!

It’s like walking into an urban complex and finding a beautiful garden there–unexpected. So, I’m unlimbering my Android phone, using Lynkee to scan the QR code and see what I can do with GEICO’s new Android App, Glovebox.

Unfortunately, despite some nice features (being able to pay your bill on the go, a clean menu design, helpful tips) the app had 1 problem I ran across:

  1. Tapping to view ID cards takes one to the mobile version of GEICO’s web site, leaving me trying to download a file that is completely black and unviewable. Imagine me chatting with a police officer, “But officer, here is my proof of insurance! So what if it’s black? Use your imagination!”
I did like the inclusion of funny GEICO Gecko videos. Something to do when you’re stuck on the shoulder of the road.

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