Do you have any feedback on the first draft of Technology Applications:TEKS posted on the TEA web site? Take a look!

The first draft of the recommendations for revisions to the technology applications TEKS are now posted on the TEA website at . Informal feedback will be accepted in response to the first draft recommendations through October 8, 2010. Detailed information for providing feedback to the review committees is available on the website listed above.

You can send feedback via Email to 

(Please indicate the course or grade level your comments respond to in the subject line of your email.) 

In a quick review of the grade 6-8 TA:TEKS, the following jumped out at me:
  • Districts are encouraged to offer technology applications in all content areas. They may also be offered in a specific class while being integrated in all content areas.
  • As responsible digital citizens and competent researchers, students use creative and computational thinking to solve problems while developing career and college readiness skills.
  • Communication and Collaboration. The student collaborates and communicates both locally and globally to reinforce and promote learning. The student is expected to:  create personal learning networks to collaborate and publish with peers, experts, or others via current and emerging technologies, such as blogs, wikis, audio/video communication
  • explain technology relevancy as it applies to college and career readiness, life-long learning, and daily living
  • Creativity and Innovation uses creative thinking and innovative processes to construct knowledge, generate new ideas, and create products.
  • create products using technical writing strategies 

Anything jump out at you?

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