Based on my own experiences, as well as attached info, I’m prepared to recommend the B&N Nook WiFi ($149) for school district use. Here’s why I think it’s the best choice (over the Amazon Kindle):

  • Nook works with Calibre, a free tool for managing and converting content to work on the Nook
  • The Nook is compatible–like the iPad–with the standard ePub ebook format (other tools like Kindle are not).
  • It’s much less expensive than iPad which also reads ePub with Stanza
  • Hundreds of Classics, required reading content are available in a format viewable on the Nook
  • WiFi version lacks an internet browser
  • Single function device (reading, audio)
What am I missing?

eReaders in Schools

KINDLE 2 WiFi NoOK WiFi (Recommended)
Price $139.00 $149.00
Dimensions 8×5.3×0.36 7.7×4.9x.5
Weight 10.2oz 11.2 oz
Wireless WiFi Yes only WiFi
Connectivity USB 2.0 USB multiple syncs
Screen Size 6″ 16 level gray scale 6″  16 level grayscale
Resolution 800×600 480×144
Touch Screen No Yes
Keyboard Yes No
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Memory 2Gb (1500 books) 2Gb Flash
Slots MicroSD
Battery Time up to 2 weeks 10 days
Supported ebook Formats AZW,txt,mobi,prc,aa,mp3 PDF, EPUB, eReader, PDB, JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3

Other formats supported with Calibre (free) Converter: LIT, HTML, MOBI
Additional Features Browser,
Kindle allows owner to check email and news,
Non replaceable battery
  1. Can be unregistered
  2. Not allow shopping in bookstore;
  3. No Browser
  4. MAC or PC  
  5. Only allows shopping in B&N store
  6. Can turn off WiFi or place in Airplane mode.
  7. Replaceable battery

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