Thanks to a comment from Jeff Utecht on how to embed Poll Everywhere, I’ve decided to pull his comment and my response and repost here.

Jeff asks the following in response to embedding multimedia:

Thanks for the info!

I’ve followed all your steps and still can’t get the widget so people can vote to embed. It keeps stripping the code. Any ideas?

To which I reply:

Here are the steps:

1) In Moodle Admin–>Security–>Site Policies, make sure you have ALLOW EMBED and OBJECT TAGS checked.
2) In the same place, make sure you check ENABLE TRUSTED CONTENT

3) In Poll Everywhere poll, make sure to turn on the web widget.

4) In Moodle, switch to HTML view, and paste in the embed text (I chose blogger embed text) you copied from Poll Everywhere.

5) Click SAVE AND DISPLAY (rather than the other) WHILE STILL IN HTML view.

You can see the example below:

I hope that works for you!

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