In “Improving Leadership,” Nick at 1to1 Schools suggests the following–great suggestions he’s filtered from two other blog posts (PipeDreams and  Adventures in Teaching & Learning) on the subject–approaches:

  1. Start the first staff meeting by showing your staff YOUR NEW BLOG.
  2. Be willing to ask an expert – even if that expert happens to be a first year teacher. 
  3. Model great learning and teaching.
  4. Recognize positive growth; often.

Without going into too much depth about that blog post, here is my list of suggestions on the subject of improving leadership, IMHO:

  1. As superintendent or principal, focus your organization on the power of technology to accomplish 3 specific actions:
    1. Continuous professional learning through a global network of educators sharing what they are learning every day via social networking/bookmarking (e.g. Twitter and and social media tools (e.g. Moodle, blogs).
    2. Enhance daily interactions with Community–parents–that model the use of these to disseminate information, facilitate data collection (e.g. GoogleDoc’s Forms, Moodle Questionnaire are two that come to mind), data mining, and most importantly, reflective dialogue.
    3. Share positive stories about how we are using technology as part of our work to enhance student, teacher, administrator engagement possibilities.
  2. Set up a campus/district Moodle that enables sharing of important topics, professional development ideas. I am particularly thrilled to point to an example in a large urban district in San Antonio where a principal and staff member worked hard to get people going in the right direction. This isn’t a campus Moodle for students to use, but for the faculty to build an online professional learning community.
  3. Encourage students to share their perspective on using technology they are familiar with in the context of school, allowing for open conversations and opinion sharing to influence the community. Share those perspectives as podcasts a la Mabry Online
What would you add, take-away?

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