A few folks–myself included–were having trouble installing DragMath add-on in Moodle! Apparently, Marc Grober–now maintaining the module–heard about it and decided to join MoodleMayhem.org email list to help out!

Dragmath is an equation editor (like the one shown above); apparently, math folks using Moodle will really like this! ;->

After some emails flying back and forth, Marc worked hard to identify the gaps in our understanding–and exemplifying the value of the Moodle community of developers!–and pretty soon, we had all we needed. What caused the confusion initially was out of date instructions, one of the challenges of having to find information on FOSS solutions. Fortunately, Marc was able to point us all in the right direction!!

I can now confirm I’ve successfully installed DragMath in a Moodle instance I am responsible for! Steps followed appear below:
  1. Download the archive at http://www.dragmath.bham.ac.uk/moodle.html
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Upload the lib folder contents to the remote lib folder in the Moodle install
  4. Modify the adminlib.php file as reflected in the notes here – http://docs.moodle.org/en/Dragmath#Managing_Your_Editor_Icons_Through_adminlib.php
  5. Go to the Moodle and open up anything with the HTML editor (I did a simple label). The DragMath icon appears:

As you might guess, the process can be even easier if you follow Marc’s explicit instructions. I had to take this approach because I was installing via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection on a server I didn’t have GUI access to from home.

What’s also neat is that Moodle 2.0 will apparently have DragMath as “core,” or part of the default setup. 

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