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This morning, I found myself getting ready to start a Skype conversation…then I realized, “Oh heck, I’m on UbuntuLinux! I haven’t a clue how to record a conversation on Ubuntu Linux on the latest version!” (I’d previously discovered how to do so and blogged it…David Thornburg even read that blog entry!)

So, I whipped out my Macbook and used that for the conversation (I use Call Recorder ($20 with free upgrades) and it works flawlessly for video and/or audio recordings…I bought it ages ago when I was unenlightened and didn’t use GNU/Linux)! But the question remained, how does one record Skype on UbuntuLinux?
(Windows users can find some suggestions here for Skype recording and be aware that Skype Call Recorder is available for Windows)

As I waited on one end–the other person was having trouble with his microphone and laptop–I sent out a Plurk request for help, with two responses. The first via Twitter direct message from Kathy Shrock was a link to a general Skype page. Unfortunately, that link was out of date with the information posted on it since I was using Lucid Lynx.

The second link, though, was pure gold, albeit in Spanish. Fortunately, I am a fluent Spanish speaker/reader, so that wasn’t much of an impediment (you can also use GoogleTranslate to change it to whatever language you need)! Here’s the solution:

1) Download Skype – You can get it from the Skype web site. At the time I wrote this blog entry, Skype 2.1 Beta 2 was available.

2) After installing Skype (on ubuntulinux, just double-click on the “deb” file which is the installer), go ahead and install Skype Call Recorder. Rosa’s (who is from Spain) instructions at are excellent.  Here they are in English:

a) Install Skype Call Recorder –

b) If you want to Record Skype video, use sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop

To activate Skype Call Recorder, I had to set up a custom application launcher, or at the command line, type “skype-call-recorder” to start it up.

Skype Call Recorder
Once it’s running, you’ll see it appear in the top right hand corner of your screen in the panel:

Then, if you click on the folder with a Skype logo on it (far left icon shown above), you’ll get the Skype Call Recorder preferences (here are some of the screens):

As you can see, the preferences aren’t that hard to get. To test the recording, I went to the panel icon and selected “Browse previous calls,” which fetched up a window on my hard drive with the saved calls.

I made contact with Skype Test Call and recording came through without problem!

Thanks to Kathy Schrock for her link, y gracias Rosa (pictured below) from Spain!!

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