Thanks to this series of Plurk exchanges with DMantz7, I decided to take a few moments and see if I could get Chrome OS running via Virtual Box, which allows you to run any operating system on any computer you want (e.g. Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux). In this particular case, I’m using UbuntuLinux 10.04, so that’s what I’m trying out now. Dmantz is more interested in running it on his Macbook Pro.

After following a lot of leads, here’s the short version:

  1. Get a GDGT account (free) and then download. You’ll have to get the account and verify your email account first to see the actual download link. It downloads pretty quickly.
  2. Follow the TechCrunch tutorial which has screenshots. You’ll have to unzip the VMDK–virtual box file–so you can use it. Be sure to follow the TechCrunch tutorial.

A fun experiment that ended up looking like this:

Was it worth the time? Well….

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