CCleaner is one of my favorite programs for Windows. Although rivalled by Revo Uninstaller in features, CCleaner is easy to use and just seems to work. I’ve abandoned some of my other favorite Registry Cleaners, uninstallers, and temp file removers on Windows. CCleaner also features privacy protection! If you don’t have it on your Windows PC, then you’re machine is not running as well as it could.

That said, as an Ubuntu user, I haven’t really worried too much about cleaning out stuff, aside from the UbuCleaner script that gets rid of a whole bunch of stuff. Fortunately, someone sent out a buzz about 5 Ways to Free Space in UbuntuLinux:

The ‘CCleaner‘ of Linux, Bleachbit is a scouring beast. It can wipe clean over 70 applications, free up space, shred your files and even ‘vacuum’ FireFox to make it faster.

What’s not to love about that kind of description? Installing now on Ubuntu 10.04. Windows user? Get it for Windows, too! (I haven’t tried the Windows version yet).

For fun, I ran it on my Ubuntu system with these results:

Not bad….

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