Forgive the hyperbole, since hot and flaming may not be the best way to describe the new YouTube videos from Dr. Chris Moersch on the Levels of Teaching Innovation (LOTI)! But you will have to make that determination.

Here’s the announcement:

It’s officical! I have been working on getting these videos edited and uploaded for what seems like forever, but The LoTi Classroom officially has its own YouTube channel. There are five videos where Chris analyzes classroom videos based on the H.E.A.T framework. I am pretty excited about how they turned out, but I would also welcome any comments or suggestions you might have before we tackle the next round.

To see the videos go to

LeeChel Moersch, M.Ed.



Skype & IM: lotigirlleechel

If you don’t know about HEAT, you will definitely want to check out these other videos that Chris recorded when he came to my city some time ago. Those ARE on fire, probably because of the visual effect (smile).

I made the following suggestion, slightly edited to reflect new info I just became aware of:

You know, though, that most schools can’t access YouTube videos.

Would you also consider getting your own account at and VImeo? That way, you could easily share the appropriate video source with campuses that can’t access YouTube.

Are you releasing them under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-Noncommercial-Attribution? That way, folks will get really excited they can re-use your content under that copyright. To get even farther reach, drop the “noncommercial” expectation. That way, those videos will appear EVERYWHERE in content portals organized by commercial vendors.

Check them out and offer feedback!

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