Update: Follow-up blog entry on this subject Aug 7,2010.

Unbelievably, when I tried to login to Edublogs.tv, I was automatically forwarded to the Edublogs.org site. Imagine the shock…all my videos/audio, gone. Without notice. Maybe that was in the terms of agreement, maybe it was scrawled in illegible writing at the bottom of a bulletin board in Australia or somewhere down under, but wow. I searched for the notice using Google, but nothing. Only silence.

What?!? Could it be that Edublogs.tv has been shut down without so much as an announcement? I know it existed, having trusted Edublogs.tv with multiple audios and videos…now, they are all inaccessible! Is this what living in the cloud is like?

Unbelievable that Edublogs.tv should close its door without a general announcement…or did I miss the news posted on a bulletin board in some other country?

Is no one else experiencing the loss? The real beauty of Edublogs.tv was that it offered a place to host audio AND video for educators. Now that service is gone, leaving a gaping hole.

Saddened by the loss, bewildered by the lack of info (ok I’ve googled for about 10 minutes to no avail) about the closure. And, goodbye to my video and audio on that site. Sheesh.

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