Plurking earlier this evening with a few folks, it occurred to me, why logon to Twitter at all? Sure you can spend a lot of time subscribing to folks, whether one at a time or en masse, but who really wants to go through all that?

Ok, just joking. Connecting to others is a lot of fun and you learn stuff you never planned to…which is one of the most wonderful things about social media tools…sometimes you learn stuff you never planned or imagined.

That said, there’s a lot to be said for predictability in what you can access. So, whether you take advantage of Twitter’s search tool ( or you use one of my favorite, unsung heroes of searches–essentially because it’s not been blocked in my local area–’s Twitter search, what are your hashtags?

Hashtags are search terms that Twitter users decide to standardize on. You can find more online at They are essential keywords (a.k.a. tags) that describe a topic, whether it’s a conference, an event, a tv show, or whatever. They are created by adding the “#” in front of a word or phrase.

Here are some of the popular education-related hashtags I follow:

Note: Want to subscribe to these topics above en masse? Then click this link to add them all to your GoogleReader. Be sure to login to Google Reader FIRST before clicking on the link above.

You can easily set these up as searches in either or IceRocket Twitter Search and subscribe to the RSS feed that flows from each with GoogleReader. This makes tracking your favorite topics on Twitter easier than trying to read Twitter in REAL TIME.

What are your favorite hashtags? Share in the comments!

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