This was interesting announcement about EasyBig and GoogleDocs integration…

EasyBib is an online bibliography maker that students use to cite sources for their research papers It is used by over 20M students a year, making it the most popular citation service online. EasyBib recently launched an integration with Google Docs, allowing students to export their fully-formatted bibliographies directly to their Google account, where they can combine it with their research paper or share with others.

And, from their web site:

Export to Google Docs: If you’re one of the growing number of users who have ditched your desktop office suite, you’ll be happy to note our new integration with Google Docs. After citing your bibliography, just click “Save to Google Docs” and we’ll import your bibliography right into your Google Docs account. It’s that easy!

Here’s what it looks like, although I have to admit that two things irked me: 1) Annoying advertisements on the web site and 2) You have to pay for APA style. Sigh. Too bad Google can’t just buy them and then offer it for free (smile).

When I read “integration,” I guess I was looking for something that was part of the GoogleDocs interface…you know, click on something in Tools in GoogleDocs and up would pop up a window with EasyBib in it sans advertising and I could paste in stuff and it would drop it right in. That’s NOT what this is. Of course, it  IS a start.

Some other citation tools:

  1. Bibme: This resource creates citations and pulls reference content. It prepared a citation like this:
    “Around the How To Get Started with Open Source.” Around the N.p., n.d. Web. 23 July 2010. . (of course, it has an annoying feature after you create 1 citation, it almost forces you to email your friends or facebook contacts with an advertisement. sheesh!)
  2. OttoBib:  Enter the ISBN number of a book and it will prepare the citation for you.
  3. Son of Citation Maker:  David Warlick’s MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian citation guide. My all time favorite web site for citation.

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