Below are a few of writing related quotes….

  • Writing sent me back int he world the way reading never had. – Bonnie Friedman
  • Linguistic Spillover – 50% of what we say is repeated text from previous linguistic encounters. In short, shares Jeff Anderson, what we hear and see will end up in our writing sooner or later.
  • Writing is about shaping meaning. -Jeff Anderson
  • If you can write what people will read by choice, the world is your’s. – Vicki Spandel
  • I didn’t really understand the details, but I gather she had them correct. – Diana Mott Davidson
  • Ratiocination is the single most effective way 475 teachers surveyed have found to teach revision. -ACTS OF TEACHING
  • When we do authentic writing, it may cause an emotional reaction. -Gretchen Bernabei
  • Everyone wants children to make progress…parents don’t want their children to be lessened, to be made smaller. Kids come from home famous, and schools make them less so. If students leave writing workshop feeling famous, then I have done my job right. Sharing your writing, being enlarged by others’ writing is what makes you feel famous. – Gretchen Bernabei
  • From “Knots of a Counting Rope” (as cited in Acts of Teaching):
    • “I have told you many times, Boy. You know the story by heart…listen carefully. This may be the last telling…I promise you nothing, Boy. I love you. That is better than a promise–to the end–“Now Boy…now that the story has been told again, I will tie another knot in the counting rope. When the rope is filled with knots, you will know the story by heart and can tell it to yourself…I will not always be with you, Boy…You will never be alone, Boy. My love, like the strength of blue horses, will always surround you.
  • Through writing groups, students engage in a process that will prepare them in positive, substantive ways for a future that will demand responsibility, collaboration and decision-making (Acts of Teaching)
  • Writing is a solitary work, but at some point in this solitary sojourn we want and need the input of others.

I’ll add more to this as time goes by…..

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