From Left to Right: Jeff Anderson and Miguel Guhlin

At the Summer Writing Academy I’m attending for 12 days (yikes!), I’ve had the opportunity to listen to several guest speakers. One of my favorites was Jeff Anderson, who is the author of Mechanically Inclined: Building Grammar, Usage and Style into Writer’s Workshop.

Some of my favorite quotes out his presentation and book include the following:

  1. “Writing is about shaping meaning.”
  2. Linguistic Spillover: What we hear and see will end up in our writing sooner or later.
That said, I have to admit that my favorite quote came out of the foreword from Vicki Spandel.
The quote is as follows, and it resonates with me as a blogger:

If you can write what people will read by choice, the world is your’s.

I’ll try to share more about Mechanically Inclined as I get more time, which is in short supply these days.

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