Recently, a colleague supporting Moodle at the District level posed this campus-based situation regarding principal’s perspective on changing content in the Moodle. Is this a nosy principal or a hands-on instructional leader?

How would you have responded?


A teacher asked me during Moodle Training: What if my principal requests access to my moodle course in order to make some changes to it? 

My reflections:

1) I would approach the principal and ask, “What is it in my course that you think needs changing?” then see what the response is. Remember, a Moodle course can be perceived as the same as a face to face course, so would a principal come in and make an adjustment to instructional materials in the teacher’s classroom without a discussion about why? This is poor leadership unless it’s built into the culture and if the teacher is asking, it’s not.

2) The principal could be granted non-editing teacher rights then any changes that need to be made can be discussed with the teacher so s/he can make them. The teacher shouldn’t have any objections to having the principal in the “virtual room” with her, with the understanding that not everything that is there represents the total experience of online learning in a blended environment.
My response:
Ok, now that I’ve reflected on it, I’d go with this response to the teacher:
1) Ask the principal what s/he needs to see changed and why. 
2) The principal can have non-editing teacher rights but if he wants more, then it’s a dis-incentive for the teacher to know that content in their course will be changed/adjusted unexpectedly in the middle of a lesson.
3) There are other issues here and I would make sure those were on the table before you stepped in to grant rights to the principal to do anything beyond non-editing teacher.

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