You can now find Classroom 2.0 LIVE – Moodle Mayhem Recording available online!

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Resource Links

  1.  (Home page for Moodle Mayhem website)
  2.  (Miguel Guhlin blog post: Exploring the Moodle Mayhem Concept)
  3. (Moodle Mayhem monthly podcasts)
  4.  (Compilation of useful Moodle links on Moodle Mayhem)
  5.  (Moodle video tutorials)
  6.  (Miguel Guhlin’s website: Around the Corner)
  7.  (Miguel Guhlin on Twitter)
  8. (Diana Benner’s website)
  9.  (Diana Benner on Twitter)
  10.  (Diana Benner: Creating Exceptional Courses in Moodle presentation resources)
  11.  (Follow all the 100+ Moodle Mayhem members who have twitter accounts with one click)
  12.  (Moodleman-Julian Riddle’s blog and tons of Moodle resources including his Delicious Moodle links)
  13.  (MoodleMeet Meet-and-Greet Group for sharing how-to’s, videos, collaborations, tips, tricks, ideas, etc.-formerly on Ning)
  14. (Tomaz Lasic’s Blog-Human: For Fellow Teachers)
  15. / (2 minute Moodle tutorials to simplify and show how to use a range of Moodle features)
  16. (Tomaz Lasic: Tells how he started a staff meeting spending a few minutes with teachers sharing how they are using Moodle in the classroom–excellent strategy!)
  17.  (Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers: poster size guide for comparing functionality and pedagogical advantages of some standard Moodle tools and a column for how tricky the tool is to set up)
  18.  (Moodle course created for parents of Northside ISD students.Parent 411 Substance Abuse Awareness training to help parents learn how to talk to child about dangers of drugs and alcohol and how to get help if this is a concern)
  19.  (Cecelia Foster: World of Moodle Prezi presentation) 
  20.  (Sharetabs link for Moodle in Education resources from Miguel Guhlin’s presentation on Classroom 2.0 LIVE-Mar. 14, 2009)
  21.  (Sharetabs link for resources from Tomaz Lasic’s Moodle in the Classroom presentation on Classroom 2.0 LIVE-Mar.28, 2009)
  22. (Classroom 2.0 LIVE Archives and Resources for all recordings and links) (Classroom 2.0 LIVE Diigo Group-please join and share)

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