You have no idea how irritating it’s been trying to use NewsRob RSS reader on my Android phone. I’m not sure why I disliked the interface, but it lasted but a day before getting booted off. I’d almost despaired of finding an RSS reader that worked on my Android phone, but then today, before jumping into the pool, I did a quick Market search.

BlueRSS, an app which support Google Reader integration (a must!), was a quick download and install. As I play with the app, my only wish was that instead of having to open the page to share the link to the RSS feed–say, via Plurkoid to Plurk buddies and Twitter–I would just press the MENU button on the phone and share right away. Instead, I have to wait an extra second or so to share via Dolphin Web browser, which works.

Ah well, you can’t have anything. BlueRSS (a free app) works well and the blue lighting–and gorilla–are soothing compared to other small app reading tools (instead of black on white, BlueRSS features white on black).

A more detailed review by the Android Guys, would that I’d read it before beginning my search.

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