UPDATE: Thanks to a quick email to the editor, the article inaccuracy has been fixed! Great job, THE Journal!!

I was thrilled to be notified that an article featuring free, open source solutions to educational problems had been featured in THE Journal. Regrettably, I have to correct some factual inaccuracies in the article because while they are “in the ballpark of truth,” they are not accurate and I would hate for some things I am not responsible for–even because, or perhaps, especially because, they are positive–to me:

  1. “Guhlin also set up a Red Hat Linux server after finding that the district’s Windows server could not handle the latest version of Joomla and kept crashing. The new server was set up with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Joomla.”
    This assertion is inaccurate. Although I have set up Windows servers that run Moodle and other solutions, it was the work of another Technology Department Director who set up a Red Hat Linux server. Members on my staff setup the Mac server, although I have worked to maintain it, as have others.
That is the only correction I would make. However, I would like to point out that while nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, to paraphrase Emerson, nothing great was ever sustained without a great team of folks! And, for sure, my team of folks–past and present–made contributions worthy of being mentioned.
For example, as cited in some of the articles linked from THE JOURNAL article, Greg Rodriguez is mentioned as a clear collaborator. Tonya Mills’ work is also directly relevant to the work of Content Management System implementation. 
Those points aside, I’m grateful to THE Journal for highlighting the work many of us are about in K-12 schools and how educational problems can be solved with free, open source software solutions available to us, including Joomla, Moodle, WordPress, and many others.

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