This past Sunday, Moodle Mayhem Podcast Co-hosts Diana Benner and Miguel Guhlin had the opportunity to interview Julian “Moodleman” Ridden (pictured above). He shares a variety of fascinating ideas in this hour and 15 minute chat that is well-worth listening to. Some of the key points that he makes include the following:

  1. how to handle Special Education within Moodle
  2. Blackboard’s acquisition of Elluminate and Wimba (he reluctantly discussed this as a private agent, not a Moodle Partner)
  3. The model of Moodle construction as prisons rather than inviting and the power to modify the fundamental look of Moodle by editing themes.
  4. The fact that many school districts pick Moodle for the wrong reasons–it’s free. He makes the point that Moodle is like a free puppy.
  5. How to provide necessary support to staff when adopting Moodle.
  6. Dialogue module
  7. Biggest strength of Moodle is the 3rd party plug-in creation that expands the functionality of Moodle. He cited the Dialogue module as an example.
  8. The social element is key to Moodle
  9. Education is about sharing, collaboration and contribution. [I love this part of the interview]
  10. Connected learning sometimes creates disconnect learning.
  11. “Learning already has an ‘e’ in it” on the word eLearning.
And much more. We’re planning to do a follow-up interview with him this Sunday, so be sure to listen, think up some questions and share them!

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