Note: You can embed multimedia content from the sites below easily–into wikis, blogs, and Moodle HTML blocks, discussion forums, labels, and more. 
Although I’ve explored a variety of tools, I was surprised about and what it can do. I made the following Wix for fun – View this example of a Wix. I’m sure others have made better ones but it was my first creation (smile).

In the meantime, here’s an updated list.

Audio and Video

  1. AudioBoo – Lets you take a picture, add your location and add audio that is available online. You can grab the RSS feed for your AudioBoo.
  2. – Use Myna Audio Editor to create/edit audio files for podcasts and more.
  3. – Create audio content via phone or upload then embed it.
  5. Free Music Archive
  7. Internet Archive – free digital recordings
  9. – Embed free public domain classical music
  10. Partners in Rhyme – royalty free music and sound effects
  11. Podsafe Audio
  12. Soundzabound – music loops (cherokeetrail, trail)
  13. Soundsnap – special effects and music loops
  1. – Make videos of still images, easily add audio.
  2. – Access a wealth of media content.
  3. – Access videos.
  5. – Embed videos from various sources in ONE play window.
  6. – Make movies, pictures.
  7. – Access math videos.
  8. – Source of video content.
  9. – Source of video content but you can also create Google Search Stories


Collaborative Word Processing Tools
Comic Strips and Avatars
Digital Posters, SlideShows and Collaboration Tools
  1. – Create digital, interactive posters
  2. – Put your slideshow online and add audio
  3. – Another way to share your slideshow
  4. – Put anything online, add audio/video/text and invite feedback from others for collaborative projects.
  5. WarningSign Generator – Create warning signs that you can save then import into your document or web page.
Charts and Graphs
  3. ChartGo
  4. Create a Graph
  5. Do It Yourself Chart
  6. GoogleForms 
  8. iCharts
  9. Online Chart Generator
  12. Rich Chart Live

Clip Art (great for Comic Life users)


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