Christopher Chiang recently shared the following tip via the Google Certified Teacher list. I thought it worth sharing ’cause it’s quite nice:

Google lets you make your own, and it’s so easy and fun, here’s the instructions:

1) Go to:

2) Have students think of 7 search phrases (not URL addresses) that tell something about their life. Step 2 can happen before Step 1 if you want to provide more guidance.

3) Pick a song, upload, share the link with the class. If Youtube is banned, you can ask students to download their file’s MP4 and email it to you.

Give it a shot!

For fun, I went through the steps and took screenshots for those of you for whom YouTube is blocked and typed in the first few things that popped into my head…probably influenced by that discussion going on WWWEDU about Education Reform, Pres. Obama’s lack of progress, Diane Ravitch’s book, blah blah blah:


and then it creates it…
and the result is:
Some creations hosted on YouTube:

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