How do you measure disk space on your computer? Running UbuntuLinux (latest version), it should have been easy but I couldn’t find the Disk Usage Analyzer that typically is installed at Applications->Accessories.

Fortunately, a short tutorial allowed me to type “df -h” (without quotes) at the command line that yielded these results:

For fun, I installed another program and it gave me slightly different results (probably because I installed a program, Discus):

I’m sure there are fancier programs to accomplish this, but often, I like the text only approach that tells me how much space is left. In this case, I uninstalled Discus in favor of df -h which is already installed and provides the info needed.

Of course, another way to check wouldn’t have involved the command line at all. I simply had to go to the System Monitor (System->Administration->System Monitor) and then click on the appropriate tab (System) to see:

Lots of other nifty information there, too. Under the File Systems tab…one can see this:

So…command line is optional at this point.

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