Puppy Cam: An Example of How You Can Embed Media in Moodle

Puppy Cam Litter Bio
Breed: Goldador Born: April 22, 2010
Dam: Griffin Sire: Norm
Litter Size: 7 

Creating interactive web sites is all the rage. Why? Interaction pays off big for engagement, whether you’re working with K-12 or adult learners. There are MANY tools available to embed content, and usually, I wouldn’t even spend time on them. What is worth spending time on is WHERE you are going to embed them. As I prepare for a Moodle workshop focused on multimedia, it seems only natural to compile a list of places that have content.

One of my favorites is embedding webcams…like the puppies shown at the top of this blog entry. Simply highlight, copy and then paste it into your Moodle HTML page, block, forum post, whatever…it works!

For Moodle, you’ll want to do two things:

1) Multimedia Filters – Turn them on

2) In SECURITY->SITE POLICIES, allow embedding:

Here are 48+ neat providers of content that you can embed–or place–on a web page. This is content that can easily be “embedded” in blogs, wikis, and/or Moodle. Some of it you can make yourself, while others comes from other sources.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all who offered suggestions for what to list here, including the following: Joel Adkins, Andy Byerly, Matt Bucher, Carolyn Foote, Peggy George, Ginger Lewman, Danny Maas, Carol Nichols Mortensen, NedraI, Roswells Girl. 


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  1. Animoto.com
  2. Archive.org
  3. Blip.tv
  4. Drop.io – Create audio content via phone or upload then embed it.
  5. Edublogs.tv
  6. Embedr.com – Allows you to embed videos from various sources in ONE play window.
  7. FreeSound.org
  8. Magnatune.com
  9. MathTV.com
  10. MusOpen.com – Embed free public domain classical music
  11. Vimeo.com
  12. Voicethread.com
  13. YouTube.com

Cartoons and Animation/Avatars

  1. BitStrip.com
  2. GoAnimate.com
  3. Strip Generator
  4. Voki

Chat and Gadgets
obj=new Object;obj.clockfile=”0053-red.swf”;obj.TimeZone=”PST”;obj.width=150;obj.height=150;obj.wmode=”transparent”;showClock(obj);

  1. ClockLink – Enables you to embed all sorts of clocks.
  2. MeeboMe – Embed chat window
  3. Wallwisher.com

Documents (PDF/Slideshows/Posters)
Voice Thread Tutorial

  1. Edu.Glogster.com
  2. Issuu.com – Embed PDF files
  3. GoogleDocs
  4. Zoho
  5. Prezi.com
  6. Scribd.com
  7. Slide.com
  8. Slideshare.net
  9. ShowBeyond.com
  10. Voicethread.com

Graphic Organizers

  1. Bubbl.us
  2. Cacoo.com

Images and Photos

  1. Flickr.com
  2. PicasaWeb
  3. Wordle.com

Surveys and Graphs
Create your own poll and then embed the form and/or results. Or, create graphs with data.

  1. BuzzDash.com 
  2. Chartle.net
  3. ChartGo
  4. Create a Graph
  5. Do It Yourself Chart
  6. GoogleForms 
  7. GraphJam.com (this is my favorite graph maker, even though you can’t necessarily embed stuff with code…but you can copy-n-paste it once a grpah y
  8. iCharts
  9. Online Chart Generator
  10. PollDaddy.com  
  11. PollEverywhere.com  
  12. Rich Chart Live


  1. AfriCam
  2. EarthCam.com
  3. National Zoological Park
  4. PuppyCams

Online Lesson Activities

  1. Literacy Center

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